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Discover how to troubleshoot Office 365 with the Telemetry Dashboard and the Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT) and implement modern authentication. Nike swoosh logo hoodie in white
May 28, 2020 · The Modern Approach to Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 Users Migrating to Office 365 means housing your email and documents in the cloud. While this brings the huge benefits of not having to manage your own server infrastructure, it also brings on new challenges of needing to protect access to your corporate resources from any entry ...

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Sep 12, 2017 · iOS beta 3 added the support for modern authentication for both federated and cloud-only users. iOS beta 6 allowed the users to select the type of authentication to use during profile configuration. iOS 11 finale version introduced the support for OAuth in the native mail. References: Practicing Safe Security with iOS 11 and Office 365 (oauth 2.0)

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Nov 04, 2019 · Veeam Backup for Office 365 is the solution to protect your tenant where everyday many email and documents are managed to make your business. The product is now in v3 and thanks to latest improvements, we have a great level of reliability. One of the most important news, in terms of security, is absolutely the support to Modern Authentication ...

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Aside from the security benefits, enabling MFA is also one of the recommendations in the Office 365 Secure Score report, and you’ll get a nice 50 point bump to show your boss. In this example I’ll be using MFA for Office 365 to enable multi-factor authentication.

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Nov 17, 2020 · For Office 365 accounts, modern authentication is now supported. This enables additional layers of security such as multi-factor authentication. You’ll be asked to sign in to your Office 365 account via your organization’s sign-in page. You'll only be prompted for the sign-in once.

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Enter the following command in Windows PowerShell and enter administrator ID and password for Azure Active Directory (same as Microsoft 365 administrator ID and password. Connect-AzureAD. 2-2. Disable Modern Authentication (For all users) To disable modern authentication for all users, enter the following command in Windows PowerShell. ※Note that It will take some time for the setting of authentication to become effective.

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May 26, 2018 · Get rid of those pesky Office 2010 clients and upgrade them to 2013 or 2016 (sometimes easier said than done), push out a registry key for Office 2013, consider pushing out a standard modern authentication capable mobile e-mail client such as Outlook Mobile and certainly communicate to your home users that they’ll need to upgrade.

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After the command execution, try to Sign in with you Office 365 account, from the Outlook desktop app. Method 2. Disable the Modern Authentication for Office 365 Desktop Apps. The second method to resolve the Outlook authentication problem with the Office 365, is to disable the modern authentication in Windows registry. To do that: 1.

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Regardless of device type, email can be accessed via the portal (log in and access the Office 365 icon under the list of applications). Windows OS: Only Office 2016 or Office 365 ProPlus can be used to access email. Office 2013 can only be used with a registry key update available from the Software Center. Mac OS:

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In my previous blogpost I explained more about basic and modern authentication, how they work and how to identify which method your outlook client is using. In this blogpost I will explain more about monitoring basic authentication to find out which clients are currently still using basic authentication in your Office 365 environment.

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This is why we have started to implement Modern Authentication in Promodag Reports for those of our customers who are already using Office 365. This feature allows for the moment to import the directory, create Office 365 tracking logs and import the storage size. The case of content reports will be dealt with at a later stage.

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